Research and Development

          ABA’s efforts in research and development are carried out by working on its own projects as well as collaborating with various companies and colleges (collaborators).

A. Deposition Technologies

ABA has made substantial contributions to the reactive sputter-deposition of dielectric coatings by investigating the Pulsed DC Reactive Sputtering of Dielectrics (PDCRS), developed two new technologies, Biased Dual Magnetron Sputtering (BDMS) and Dual Anode Sputtering (DAS) that are now reliable established industrial processes, and contributed to the Pulsed DC Gas Flow Sputtering (PDCGFS).

B. Plasma Processes

ABA is actively developing various plasma processes including Plasma Cleaning of Large surface Areas (PCLA) of metals and other surface  in low vacuum, plasma enhanced CVD with Shower-Head type source of radicals for PECVD (SHPECVD), water purification using Discharge in Bubbled Water (DBW), and gas and surface treatment using atmospheric dielectric-barrier discharge (DBD).