Continuing education

  • Ramp-up Seminars

    Short reviews and new developments in a field of the Company's expertise (see Consulting)

  • Courses

    The courses are designed to meet the needs of both the newcomer to a field and the experienced professional. The courses provide beginners with a great foundation, and experienced scientists and engineers with a broad view of the chosen field, providing them with deeper understanding of main technology processes and thin films properties. Courses attendees will be able to discuss various problems related to the chosen subject. Taking a course does not require any special knowledge in physics or chemistry. Overheads of the courses are supplied to all attendees.


    • Plasma courses
      Plasma Processing (5-days, 3-days and 1-day)
      Plasma Cleaning (1-day)
      Plasma Light Sources (1-day)
      Plasma Emission Spectroscopy (1-day)
      Atmospheric plasma (1-day)
      Hollow cathode discharge (1-day)
    • Thin Film Courses
      Thin Film Deposition (5-days, 3-days and 1-day)
      Thin Film Phenomena (1-day)
      Sputter-deposition (2-days and 1-day)
      Pulsed DC Sputtering (1-day)
      Evaporation (1-day)
      Ion-assisted Deposition (1-day)